Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

DARE > off the wall

"off the wall" is based on a piece i did on a wall. i felt like taking this piece at home... home at the moment is the Kunsthaus Offenburg.

Montag, 29. Juni 2009

DARE > Egoline Silkscreens

The silkscreens are available at the DARESHOP or Marshall-Art
Egoline Pearlblack 50x70cm

Egoline Orange 50x70cm

Egoline Lemon 50x70cm

Egoline Gold 50x70cm

Egoline Cobaltblue 50x70cm

Egoline Afterglow 50x70cm

The Egoline Pearlblack and Orange silkscreens are limited on 59. All others are limited on 15.

DARE > with TOAST @ Kunsthaus Offenburg

The Kunsthaus Offenburg feels like a Museum. The location is one of the best locations i've ever had to present my artworks. The exhibiton goes on 'til the 2nd of August 2009. Free entrance ;-)
Thanks to the Kunstverein Offenburg, Stefan Strumbel and the Feuerstein Family.

Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

DARE > PLAN D @ Speerstra Gallery

The Speerstra Gallery at the oldtown of Geneva in Switzerland is presenting my solo-exhibition "PLAN D".

Grand Rue 13, 1204 Geneva (CH)

Plan D is my latest project, based on the idea to create my own city with my name. So the streets are my name.

what's going on?

3 websites, myspace, flickr,facebook... and yes, after my first try in 2007 i want to give myself a second try to the world of bloggers.
this blog will be an update on "what's going on" in my life. exhibitions, new paintings or just the good times with my friends... maybe some links i would suggest to visit or projects to follow..... 
don't be surpirsed when some of my posts are written in german. doesn't mean i don't want to tell it to everyone, means i was to lazy to find the right words in english!