Montag, 29. Juni 2009

DARE > Egoline Silkscreens

The silkscreens are available at the DARESHOP or Marshall-Art
Egoline Pearlblack 50x70cm

Egoline Orange 50x70cm

Egoline Lemon 50x70cm

Egoline Gold 50x70cm

Egoline Cobaltblue 50x70cm

Egoline Afterglow 50x70cm

The Egoline Pearlblack and Orange silkscreens are limited on 59. All others are limited on 15.


Herc hat gesagt…

Yes, i have got a Pearlblack! Great work and i am proud to have one of them...

jerman hat gesagt…

hey, i like your works very good, greetings from Mexico...